Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dating in Yokohama

Tokyo might not be the only destination for sightseeing and business. For those who are on honeymoons and who come with their loved ones, I am going to be introducing the best date plan to take your loved ones on!

Today is dating in Yokohama.
Yokohama is in Kanagawa prefecture, the next door neighbor of Tokyo. It is not so far away and there are so many outstanding things to enjoy.

For someone you just met and want to know better:
I recommend this "Take a walk by the sea date". You start at the East exit of Yokohama station and take the Sea Bus (Adult 700yen Child 350yen) to Yamashita Park. During this ride you can see the Ferris wheel and the old buildings of Yokohama. When arriving at the Yamashita Park, you can walk through the park towards the Chinatown area from where you can see the boats at the harbor on the left side, and the hotels on the right. Then have lunch or dinner depending on the time you arrive - in Chinatown. If you are not that into Chinese food, you can eat elsewhere or maybe in the Motomachi area.

After leaving Chinatown and heading towards Motomachi, visit Minato no Mieru Oka Park. You can catch some coffee, sit on a bench in the park and get to know each other more. Then after enjoying the park, walk to the Motomachi area. Here, there are restaurants and many stores to shop at, so you can eat or go window shopping and get to know what your date is interested in! After all this talking and walking, you can start going home from Motomachi-Chukagai station.

For people who have been going out for a while and need that "something" in your relationship:
I recommend the Minatomirai 21 area! There is the Yokohama World Porters shop and an amusement park, Cosmo World, where you can get the excitement you need in your relationship. You can always get a hotel by Minatomirai since the area is known for many night spots as well. And for that lost romance in your relationship, you can go to Landmark Tower and enjoy the view from the 69th floor - 273m above the ground. With the magic of this sparkling night view Yokohama city, you could regain your feelings of love for him or her once again. Before the magic disappears, you should escape into the room you have reserved, or go to the Minatomirai station to go home.

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