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Nihonbashi, located just north of Ginza is another place where you can enjoy the history of Japan. 

It is mixed with both the early age of Japan and the modernized Japan in every scene. And I believe that exotic atmosphere is produced by the buildings surrounding the area, around the bridge.

The first bridge was wooden and was completed in 1603. It was rebuilt into a concrete bridge in 1911, which is the bridge seen today. It makes it easy to reach Akihabara, Otemachi, Yaesu and Ginza from this part of the city.

During the Edo period, Nihonbashi was Tokyo's important market place. The Mitsui family established the entire sales market during this time and became the famous Mitsukoshi department store known today. From then on the markets grew in Nihonbashi. One example is the Tsukiji fish market which started in this area. Since then Nihonbashi is one of Tokyo's big business district.

You could see Mt. Fuji from Nihonbashi until 1964 when an express way was built for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. To regain this view, the local community petitioned to move the expressway elsewhere. However, the petition was opposed by the former Governor of Tokyo because of its estimated price, JPY500 billion.

Crossing the bridge itself is a must-do of Nihonbashi, but there is the must-see of Nihonbashi too. Mitsukoshi department, and COREDO Nihonbashi. They are the two major buildings built in Nihonbashi which come in contrast.

Mitsukoshi has long years of background, and history in its appearance. Where, COREDO is a newly placed building, built in 2004, with nothing but modern all over its appearance.

Despite its difference in their appearance, they both have a point in common, magnificence.

In Mitsukoshi, you can enjoy the magnificence of the building and its kimono sales section occupying the 4th floor. Nihonbashi has been known for its kimono business since 1673 and Mitsukoshi has been the first department store since 1903.

In COREDO, you can enjoy the magnificently modernized design of the glass glazed building and its Michelin starred restaurant on the special floor only for this restaurant, ANNEX floor.

Another place where you can visit to enjoy the old and new of Nihonbashi is, the Bank of Japan and Mitsui Tower Nihonbashi. Most of these buildings are built in the early 1900s so you can enjoy the outstanding history of the architecture.

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