Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Akihabara, also known as Akiba, is a district located in the central area of Tokyo. It is also known for its stores for electronics, manga, anime, and otaku goods.

The district is filled with Duty free shops and major electronic stores such as the Apple Store, Yodobashi Camera, and electronic shops for customers who don't have any knowledge of electronics. There are also stores which sell junk materials and secondhand computers and electronics for people who have the knowledge and skills to rebuild these electronics into something else.

Akihabara is well known for its electronics, but over the past few years it has gained popularities in other places and cultures aside from electronics. Now there are stores like Ani-tora that sell only old manga and anime figurines. For fans of these anime, a special type of cafe was started in Akihabara, known as a cos-play café.

One type of cos-play cafe is the maid-kissa or maid café. It is a cafe where girls serve you dressed up like the French maid of an anime or manga. Many enjoy the feeling they get as if they were in an anime world.

Akihabara has been growing to produce more places of interest for tourists over recent years, and has been acknowledged by many as a place to go in Japan. Stop by if you have problem with your computer or just want to experience the anime world!

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