Friday, May 8, 2009

Date in Chiba (Around Tokyo)

Chiba is the other neighbor of Tokyo, known for the Disney Resorts at Maihama station. Whether you are newlyweds or newly-coupled, the Maihama area of Chiba prefecture is the best place to go.

For new couples, who need to get to know each other more:
The best place to go is Disney Land. Since the amusement park itself has so many attractive places and topics to talk about, you will be friends with him or her in no time! If you're lucky enough, you might be able to take pictures together at the amusement park.

Another thing is that in Japan, there are two Disney theme parks. We also have Disney Sea, which is a water-themed amusement park based upon cities and Disney characters from around the world. They have an Indiana Jones ride, Aladdin shows, and the Little Mermaid land where you can enjoy the fun and fantasy of Disney.

After enjoying the fun, IKSPIARI is the place to be! It's located right between the Disney theme parks, which has both fast food and some a-bit-luxurious-restaurant vibe that is good for a first date. They also have nice cafes where you can catch a cup of coffee. Now you will know each other a bit more than when you first met up at the station.

For the couples who have been dating for a while and want to refresh their relationship:

Maihama, Chiba is a great place to go for couples who has been dating for quite a while. Since it takes time to get there, it will be a refreshing break from the daily routine. When arriving, go to the North exit of the station and you will see the free shuttle bus stop to the Eurasia (Spa Land). Yes, I guess all of you realize by now that I'm taking you guys to a Spa. This whole date's goal is to freshen up your relationship and each other. To do that, this is the place to be.

Eurasia is a 10-story spa relaxation building, with many Jacuzzis, saunas, massage booths, rooms to stay overnight (hotel), and restaurant - all in one building. You can spend a day here and relax all you want for a really cheap price. It's the closest get away if you are living in Tokyo and a great get away for anyone visiting Japan as well.

By relieving the stress you have built upon each other, you might be able to look at each other once again to express your love.

When you are tired of just relaxing and want fun and excitement, you can always go to Disney Sea, Disney Land, or IKSPIARI! That's why I recommend a Maihama, Chiba date! You can alternate your plan any way you want so that there are no more arguments on where you want to go, or what you want to do or eat!

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