Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ghibli Museum Mitaka

"My Neighbor Totoro", "Howl's Moving Castle", "Spirited Away", "Kiki's Delivery Service"...Have you ever heard of them? They are movies that give you wonder and fulfillment made by the famous film creator Hayao Miyazaki. For years, he has created fantastic animated movies that entertain both children and adults; and his creativity is highly respected worldwide. In Mitaka (Tokyo), there is an art museum called the "Ghibli Museum Mitaka". It is a fabulous place where you can visit the worlds created by Japan's Ghibli Studios.

In the museum there are numerous exhibition rooms, galleries, a library, play areas for children, and gift shops selling items such as hand printed animation cells and wood engravings. One recommended spot in this museum is the "Nekobasu (Cat Bus)" on the second floor. This room has a gigantic stuffed doll of Nekobasu (A popular character from the movie "My Neighbor Totoro") for children to play in. Also, on the highest floor, there is a five-meter high robot army from the movie "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". This place is surely an irresistible dream-like world for Ghibli fans worldwide. In every room you enter, a new world spreads before you and will not allow you to stop smiling.

To enter the Ghibli museum, tickets (with an appointed time and date of entrance) must be purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased at a nearby Lawson (Convenience Store). Admission is 1000 JPY for adults and university students, 700 JPY for high school and middle school students, 400 JPY for elementary school children, and 100 JPY for children over 4 years of age.

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