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Have you ever heard of or been to Odaiba? It is an area at the westernmost tip of Tokyo Prefecture. Unlike other areas of Tokyo, it is very unique in that it used to be an open ocean. In other words, Odaiba is an artificially created landfill site that has made drastic changes to its appearance over a long period of time.

History: Before being filled, Odaiba was first used as a gun battery during the Edo Period (1603-1868) to protect Japan from foreign attacks and invasions by ship. In 1853, when Commodore Perry arrived, Japan created gun batteries named Odaiba as an emergency method of protection. Although the gun battery was never used, weapons were said to be kept in those areas.

Odaiba became as it is today when a plan to vitalize the sub-centers of Tokyo was put into place during the 1980s. The area was rapidly filled, and Odaiba soon became an area of land where nature is combined with modernism. Now, shopping malls and residential districts exist in the area. Odaiba is linked to mainland Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge, a 798 meter long bridge that opened in 1993 and is essential for getting to and from Odaiba.

Odaiba today: In modern day Japan, Odaiba is a place for entertainment. Especially due to the romantic and fulfilling atmosphere it creates, Odaiba is popular among young couples that enjoy dating. Here are some of the recommended areas of Odaiba.

Fuji TV: This is the corporate building for Fuji Television. The building's unique appearance with a large spherical object in the middle is very famous and has now become one of the most notable landmarks in Odaiba. You can enjoy visiting sets and viewing props once used on television. From the globe at the top of the building, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Tokyo, though fees are required.

Statue of Liberty: In the late 1990s, the Statue of Liberty was brought to Japan for a month. Because this event was so popular among people in Japan, the French government allowed the Japanese to create a replica in bronze. Thus, the Statue of Liberty appears in Odaiba as it does now. It is also called the Daiba no Megami (Goddess of Odaiba).

AQUA CITY Odaiba: One of the largest shopping malls in Odaiba. With nearly 140 shops and restaurants, it is a great place to find the item or fashion you desire. Also, there is a movie theater inside so that you can spend your whole day in this wonderland for shopping-lovers!

Here, I have only mentioned three of the recommended places in Odaiba. Other than these, there is a beach, a giant Ferris wheel, the Museum of Maritime Science, Oedo-Onsen Monogatari (a hot springs theme park), parks filled with greenery, and many other theme parks and entertainment spots. There are many recommended hotels in Odaiba as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab a hotel and enjoy the excitement of Odaiba!
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