Thursday, March 5, 2009


Roppongi is an area in central Tokyo that is busy from day to night. Why?? That's because everything you want to keep yourself busy is there!

First of all, there is the famous Roppongi Hills. The beautiful 54 story building -mostly used as an office for world famous companies- stands tall in the center of the district. Making its debut in 2003, the Mori Tower also has an arena where small concerts are held and an observation deck on the highest floor. On a beautiful day, you can see Mt.Fuji from there! Near the building are a movie theater, the Roppongi Hills Residence (a residential building), a museum, and brand name stores.

During the day, this area is very busy and filled with business men and women in suits. However, at night it changes into a completely different place. Thousands of night clubs are there in Roppongi making it a lively nightspot for partiers of all ages. Because Roppongi is the home to numerous embassies and many companies with international affiliations, this area is also very famous for having many international people. Many musicians from overseas frequently visit Roppongi as well! As a result, most stores are comfortable helping international customers. If you become tired of being surrounded by so many Japanese, I recommend going to Roppongi! Go blow your stress away!

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