Monday, May 18, 2009

Street fashion in Tokyo

The fastest way to find out the characteristic of the town or area you are at in Tokyo is to look at the fashion of the people walking around. Today I'd like to discuss about the style in different areas of Tokyo.

The term Harajuku has been popularized by a pop queen in America while the image of these girls has grown too. The fashion of Harajuku girls is a bit different today, but their fashion is centered on being "kawaii" (cute). Pink, yellow, light green, and lollipop colors are used in many clothes, and their hair is almost always dyed.
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Girls in Shibuya are known for their tans and the colorful clothes often seen in clubs. They wear more make-up than girls in other areas and "having an attitude" is one of their things too. They dress up like girls from clubs and from R&B music videos.
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Omotesando is known for its expensive brands and stores; and many celebrities are usually seen shopping here. It is known to be like the Rodeo Drive of Tokyo. Here, many girls dress up like Hollywood celebrities and wear famous international brands.
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Girls seen in this area dresses up in casual yet fashionable style. The style is more European and the colors used in the clothing are not so bright. They use more monotone colors.
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Not many 'girls' are seen in this area. It is more known for the rich 'ladies & gentlemen' of Japan. They wear famous international brands like the girls in Omotesando, but the average age of women shopping here is older, most women are closer to their 30s and 40s.
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Shimo Kitazawa
Shimo-Kitazawa is known for punk and rock bands. Therefore, many people dress up with a bit of rock taste; and many people have highlighted hairs or dyed hair. The amount of the make-up put on is usually some to none. The whole concept of the style is very similar to Harajuku girls yet they have less make-up and have an essence of punk mixed into their style.
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