Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hanabi Taikai -Fireworks Festival-

When summer comes, people of various ages in Japan are excited for Hanabi Taikai as Hanabi, or fireworks, symbolizes summer. Hanabi Taikai are firework festivals which occur almost every weekend, especially Saturdays, during mid July to mid August. It is a night event about 2 hours long, where tens of thousands of people gather to watch fireworks one after the other shot into the sky. Many like to wear yukatas to watch fireworks as it brings up the fun and mood. People never get tired of going to Hanabi Taikai as fireworks are always various in colors, shapes, and designs. Families enjoy Hanabi Taikai as they bring family bonding time while watching and voicing their favorite ones. Love birds usually go to Hanabi Taikai for dates, as holding hands and looking at the beautiful fireworks brings about butterflies.

Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai, Aomori Hanabi Taikai and Sendai Tanabata Hanabi Maturi are some of the famous Hanabi Taikai that are well-known and popular to the Japanese citizens. However, there are thousands of these events throughout Japan that are as good, so it is worthwhile to attend to one when you have a chance. Some Hanabi Taikai you can attend in Tokyo are Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai (July 25, Asakusa Station), Tokyo Wan Dai Hanabi-sai (August 8, Kachidoki Station), Chofu-si Hanabitaikai (July 18, Cho-fu Station), Edogawa-ku Hanabi Taikai (August 1, Edogawa Station), Setagaya Tamagawa Hanabi Taikai (August 22, Futakotamagawa Station), and of course, there are much more.

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