Saturday, October 31, 2009

Japanses Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones in Japan.

Hop on a train in Japan! You will probably be surprised to see that more than half of the people there are holding their mobile phones in their hands and glaring into its tiny screen. Why are so many Japanese people so obsessed with their mobile phones!? Well, Japan as everybody may know, is the leading country in technological advancements. There is practically nothing you cannot do with your mobile phone! Today, I will introduce to you three of the most famous mobile phone companies in Japan and some of the interesting things you can entertain yourself with, by using those mobile phones!

NTT docomo – NTT docomo is the most famous mobile phone company in Japan. 50 percent of all the mobile phone users in Japan use NTT docomo. Modern docomo cell phones are separated in four types, design. smartness, entertainment and professionalism. They are set to meet the user's needs and its variety attracts many people from businessmen to students.

Au by KDDI – au is the second most popular mobile phone in Japan (28% of the total users.) Au is popular for they have leading features in playing and downloading music, taking photos, and using the GPS. It meets the expectations of people who wish to have a mobile phone with a specific function.

Softbank – Softbank is the third most popular mobile phone in Japan (19% of the total users.) What makes Softbank so popular is that it handles mobile phones that are sold in other countries, for example Nokia and Apple's i-Phone. They have reasonable prices for people who wish to talk to one person and are popular among couples. The number of mobile phone users that are switching to Softbank has made the most increase out of all the companies in Japan.

Now, let's see what people are doing with these super-intelligent mobile phones. Other than replying to text messages, what may be probable is first, SNS. The most popular SNS is called mixi. People would be writing diaries and uploading photos for their friends to view and comment on. Reading famous peoples' blogs have been extremely popular too.
Also, watching One-seg (one-segment broadcasting) has become familiar and businessmen may be watching the news on their way back home from work. If you download certain software, it enables to read your favorite comic on your mobile phone screen as well! Other than that, your mobile phone can turn into a wallet (if you have your mobile phone on top of a certain machine at the register, it will be charged to your mobile phone fee, reducing the time of having to take out your wallet!), a music player, a portable game console, and a GPS! Because you can use the internet on your mobile phone, it definitely wouldn’t be too much to say that there is nothing you can do on your mobile phone!!

If you are planning to make a long-term stay in Japan, why not take a Japanese mobile phone into your hand and feel its significance! You will sure be astonished!! But! Don’t forget to follow the manners!

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