Friday, November 27, 2009

Delicious Gadgets

Kawaii is the term meaning cute, and it is used to describe for almost anything by Japanese girls… And here is another Kawaii item which is very popular today in Japan.

Chocolate, ice cream, macaroon, cakes, and any desserts you name it! They have it all for necklace, earrings, cell phone strap, and even iPhone and iPod cases. Japanese girls LOVE to decorate stuff. (You can tell by reading the earlier entry I wrote about decorating.) But anyway, these decorative items are so realistically cutely made!!

These items became so popular that they began to sell ‘make your own food sample decorations kit’ nowadays at both toy stores and hobby stores. Miniature food sample accessories have been popular for a long time and Japanese miniature stuff has been famous for being so detailed. But now it’s not only detailed but it is mega decorated with bunch of glitters and rhinestones.

The accessories cost from somewhere around 500 yen to things which use Swarovski crystals can cost up to 100,000yen. If you are a girl and interested in these, I recommend you make one. They sell these at any other hobby stores or department stores like Tokyu Hands and LOFT  You can make one just for yourself or make these and send it to a friend of yours as a little something for Christmas or birthday! Since you made it, it becomes one and only and something very special.

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