Monday, November 9, 2009


There are many expensive foods around the world, caviar, foie gras, saffron, white truffles, you name it. And there are so many to name just in Japan too, such as Yubari melon, the famous Kobe beef, and fugu (blow fish). But do you know what the most favored expensive food is during autumn in Japan? It is the matsutake mushroom.

Matsutake mushroom’s price range can go up to $2,000 a kg and as low as $90 a kilo. It is grown in many countries but being hard to harvest, it is a one pricey “shroom” to be.

But the deep earthy yet elegant aroma and the taste of the matsutake just can’t help you but to eat it. It is kept simple but is transformed into many entrĂ©es to tickle your taste buds in every other way.

It is a classic Japanese soup served in a dobin, which is a clay pot, flavored with dashi stock (mostly konbu, seaweed) and a hint of citrus scent. The recipe is kept very simple, only using few ingredients so you can enjoy the earthy taste of the matsutake mushroom.

Matsutake Gohan (Rice):
It is without a doubt the most popular dish made using matsutake mushroom during autumn. The reason of this being so popular is believed to be because matsutake mushroom being so expensive, people can’t eat as much, but if they cook it with rice although you have small amount of matsutake you can fulfill each member of the family.

Yaki (Grilled) Matsutake:
Simply, grilled matsutake is all it is. On a grill with charcoal burning under, is the matsutake mushroom grilled with a pinch of salt and a splash of soy sauce. The scent of this is no doubt the best out of all with the warm scent of the matsutake and smoky scent of the burnt soy sauce on charcoal will make your mouth water guaranteed.

Although it is a very expensive food to eat, I highly recommend one to eat at least once in one’s lifetime.

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