Monday, November 16, 2009


“Fashion” is a big part of girl’s lives. “Fashion” isn’t just about how you dress or what you have. Japanese girls also spend a lot of time, effort, and money on “Beauty” to do anything to look stunning. Most girls make sure they look their best on their daily basis when they step out of their house: perfect hair, make-up, nails is definitely on their checklist.

Lately, to boost women’s beauty, getting eyelashes done at a salon specializing in eyelashes is becoming quite popular. To be specific, there are two types to getting eyelashes “done.”

First, it is the act of permanently curling your own eye lashes called eyelash perm. Though it costs about 5,000 yen for both eyes, since it saves morning makeover time for girls, eyelash perm is considered valuable. The actual process of eye lash perm is very simple, and only takes up to an hour. The aesthetician wraps your eye lashes around a thin roller while you lie down and close your eyes. They then place gauze on the under-eye area as they apply perming solution to your lashes for protective measure. They are curled for about 2 months since they get replaced naturally over time. Thus, perm will need to be re-done if you want to maintain the curly lashes.

Second, it is the act of adding length and volume to eyelashes called eyelash extensions. The name itself is self explanatory, and the process is quite similar to eyelash perm. The only difference is that aestheticians add lashes to both top and bottom of your eyes to make your eyes look naturally bolder. This is also very popular among women as it cuts time of manually curling eye lashes or putting mascara. They charge you by the number of the fake lashes that is glued onto and between your own eye lashes. It varies with salons, but the average cost of 40 strands is about 6,000 yen, 80 is about 12,000 yen, 100 is about 15,000 yen and so forth. Aestheticians design it well so the fake lashes blend in to look natural by adding different lengths, width and types of lashes. Eyelash extensions are said to last for about 6 to 7 weeks, so this too will need to be re-done if you want to maintain your bold lashes.

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Franklin said...

The most important part of applying the eyelash extensions yourself is applying the adhesive evenly so there are no clumping or uneven looking lashes. One of the best ways to apply the adhesive is to place some on a card and sweep the eyelash through to get an even coating.

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