Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long Nights? Art is the answer...

The hot humid summer has long gone past, and cold wind is starting to blow now a days. Tokyo has entered the season autumn, and in Japan autumn is said to be the season of reading, eating and art. Since autumn nights are longer than summer, and it is a bit chilly to stay outside so it is said these indoor activities were chosen for one to enjoy in autumn.

So from these activities today, I'd like to introduce some museums one could attend to on a one clear skied autumn day.

If you are music, art, and cinema person I recommend you the Bunkamura museum located at Shibuya near Tokyu Department store. Bunkamura is not only a museum but it contains many facilities where you can enjoy both beauty of the art and music.

They have:
- Orchard Hall, where many world class operas and ballet concerts are held
- Theatre Cocoon, where they perform many creative theatric pieces with a luxurious seating
- Le Cinema, where they project long running film focusing mainly on French films
- Museum, it mainly exhibits modern art, from Japan and overseas in a different way every time at their spacious floor
- Gallery, located near the main lobby with some tables and seats where you could enjoy the exhibit of more of an under-ground artists who hasn’t had that many chances to show their art works

Bunkamura is the first and largest multi-media art museum in Japan, so if you are bored on long nights of autumn why dontcha stretch your legs over to the Bunkamura. The main ticket counter is open until 19:00 and the closing time depends on which show you are watching.


If you are a person where you are more interested in Japanese culture, Japanese contemporary art, I recommend you the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo also known as MOMAT. It is known for its collection of 20th century art and includes Western-style and Nihon-ga (Japanese style drawings) artists. It also has crafts gallery, and national film center.
They have:
- Art Museum, where you can enjoy the Japanese style art, drawing, picture, many modern arts are also exhibited here
- Crafts Gallery, here many Japanese style ceramic collections are seen
- National Film Center, although it is locate at Kyobashi station, here they have two cinemas and one gallery where they project masterpiece film works from Japan. And they also have weeks where they project film works from overseas.

National Museum of Modern Art is located at the Takebashi station in front of the Imperial Palace and it is just three minutes away from the station. It closes at 17:00 which is a bit fast for those busy workers out there, but take a break once in a while and feel the breeze on your face and enjoy the long nights of the autumn by attending a museum or so…

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