Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Want to enjoy the feeling of affluence in Japan? Omotesando is an area in Tokyo where you can find nice cafes and delicious restaurants. There are many brand name boutiques as well; and the area is famous for having many rich people around.

Omotesando means "front approach" and it is named so because it is the front approach of the Meiji Shrine located in Tokyo's Minato ward. Numerous Zelkova trees stand along the road making the street look beautiful - during the winter season, the illuminations placed along the street gather many admiring couples. Today, Omotesando is the main street of wealth and modernism. Why not go take a look and enjoy the atmosphere? You will feel the stylish atmosphere just walking down that wonderful road. Today, I will introduce to you two of the most visited areas of Omotesando.

Omotesando Hills
Omotesando Hills is an upscale shopping mall in central Omotesando. Opened in 2006, it has now become one of the most well-known places in Omotesando. You can enjoy a relaxing and elegant time shopping underneath the mall's rich lighting and vaulted ceiling. The space is used effectively by showing advertisements with a projector. Shopping for clothes, accessories, interiors, and hobbies can be enjoyed from floor B3 to the 3rd floor (From the 4th floor and above is a residential building). Cafes, bars, and restaurants are also available. During the Christmas season, a large decorated Christmas tree stands tall in the center, and in the same area, several artists have held small concerts as well. Made to fit the gentle ascent of Omotesando Street, a gentle slope spirals upward and is the most unique aspect of this special building.

Echika Omotesando is a small area inside Omotesando Station that fulfills the needs of women customers at all times. Separated into five different areas, Marche de Metro, Espace Beaute, Espace Mode, Espace Appetite, and Espace Japon - respectively featuring a food court, beauty, fashion, specialty foods, and Japanese style - you can catch up with the latest trends just within this area. Since it is so fashionable - as Paris is said to be the model for its design - you will forget that you are inside a train station. Enjoy the excitement and elegance of Echika today!

Three different lines- Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, and the Chiyoda Line- pass through the Omotesando Station. Thus, access is not difficult.

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