Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrunchy all over the place!!

Have you ever noticed how most young girls are wearing scrunchy on their hair or around their arm?

Well, here in Japan, we call them "shushu" and it is a very popular accessory beyond the young girls in Japan.
They come in lacey type to furry ones, and ones that has ribbons on it. It’s worn on their pony tail style hair or maybe a bun.
They also come in many different colors and they have wide variety of them so any style girls can wear them. The prices are also wide in range, and it could be as cheap as 105 yen to 2000 yen.
Since they are so popular today, some magazines come with brand name scrunchys (shushu). It’s like the prize in the cracker jack box, but instead they have Cat Kidson or Chloe or Tory's shushu inside.

If you are tired of your everyday hairstyle and want a little twist in it, I suggest you to buy one of this shushu sold in Japan. The trend of this winter is to wear a furry or pastel colored shushu on your hair with a loose pony tail. Enjoy!

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