Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aim for the Sky

If you have recently traveled to Tokyo and walked around the Asakusa area, you may have realized the unfinished tower standing. That is the Sky Tree under construction, for which the city of Tokyo is using approximately 40 billion yen in order to develop the Upper East Side of Tokyo.

Since the construction began in July 2008, Tokyo Sky Tree has reached 300 meters, which is about the height of the Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Sky Tree is planned to be as tall as 634m (2,080 ft.), which would become the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, if it’s completed. It is built in Sumida Ward, in the Upper East Side of Tokyo, near Asakusa area where there are many historical artifacts and buildings of Japan. It is said to be completed by December 2011 and the public opening ceremony will be held in the spring of 2012. And many locals are hoping for a growth of that area.

The possible names for the Sky Tree were first collected from the public. Then the candidates for this tower chose the final six names and took a nationwide vote. The first six names chosen were: Tokyo Edo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Mirai (‘future’) Tree, Yume (‘dream’) Miyagura (a place in Tokyo), Rising East Tower, and Rising Tower. After taking votes, the name was finally selected –Tokyo Sky Tree.

Although the completion of this tower is in 2012, if you are in town, it is worth going there to see the tower under construction. Maybe you could snap some shots now and come back again in 2012 to take the picture of Sky Tree in its completed form.

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