Monday, March 8, 2010

~*Sakura*~ Part I

Throughout history people in Japan have had a great passion for sakura (Cherry blossom). Even to this day, sakura is embraced as a symbol of Japan and its people. Sakura is an emblematic flower that the Japanese feel a connection with their souls, therefore not only do they view it as a form of beauty, but they see themselves in it as well.

Sakura only blooms for a short time between March and April and soon after, it sheds its petals. It blooms beautifully during the balmy spring days bringing blissful grace to the season; however, when the time comes, sakura petals scatter on the ground, leaving a sense of sadness and loneliness in one’s heart, which can also be referred as “hakanasa”.

The blooming and scattering of sakura reflect life because like sakura, life is short and beautiful even in its endings. Our lives may bloom with joy for a time like the blossoming of sakura, but that joy does not last forever. There is a brevity which lies both in the beauty of sakura and life. Knowing that life is transient causes even the scattering sakura to bloom in the soul. However, not only do they see sakura as a symbol for the transience of life, but they also perceive sakura as a positive message to themselves to “live life to the fullest”.

Sakura is not blooming yet, but in a few weeks, it will! If you are in Japan around this season, it will be a great idea to get out there and enjoy the Sakura time!

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