Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Internet Cafe in Japan

When you arrive in Japan, one thing you may be wondering is -how to get Internet?

In Japan, it is quite easy to find places with Internet access. Internet cafes are the most commonly used places where they come in many shapes and sizes. The level of service and privacy may exceed your expectations! Depending on the Internet cafe you go to, not only do they have Internet access, but they also offer comics, magazines, DVDs, TV, and video games. Some areas even have drinks, microwave, and showers. You may also request pillows and blankets.

Most Internet cafes are open 24 hours, thus it is common for people to stay overnight. You may think the price is expensive if you stay overnight, but the price is quite reasonable ranging from 1500 to 2500 yen. Depending on the room you stay in (public/business/couple/private rooms), the price would vary, but it is still much cheaper than staying at a hotel. Staying in a public booth which is the cheapest cost around 400 yen per hour or 1000 yen for 3 hours.

Staying at an Internet cafe may be a great idea if you are looking for a decent and cheap place to stay for two or three days in Japan. Popeye Media Cafes, well-known Internet cafe, are probably most recommended where you could easily find them in every major train stations.

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