Monday, June 28, 2010

Beating the Heat

If you come to Japan at this time of year the first thing you'll probably notice is the heat, or more importantly, the humidity. June is a rainy season in Japan. The Rainy season is not only wet, but also extremely humid. The season typically ends in mid-July but sometimes lasts a full two months.

Visitors from neighboring Asian countries can probably take rainy season and it's stickiness in its stride, but those from more temperate zones often find it a steep adjustment.
One thing you can do during this season is spend as much time in air conditioned zones as possible. A lot of locals do this. Using the air conditioner in your accommodation can be expensive. Many people make use of the air conditioning in shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Coffee shops are particularly good as unlike in many countries; coffee shops in Japan usually don't have staff hounding you to keep buying drinks. You'll see a lot of people in summer hanging out in places like Starbucks doing some work or study.

If you're here on business during this season, wearing business attire can be uncomfortable to say the least. Fortunately though Japan has invented the business fashion code known as "cool biz." Cool biz was an initiative that aims to curb power consumption during the hot summer months by allowing workers to wear lighter and cooler designs and no neck-tie. If you're doing business here during this season, you may be fortunate enough to work with colleagues that permit this style.

Of course there's always the traditional visit to the beach or pool to cool you down. Rainy season may not be the best time to go outdoors but occasionally the sun pops out.

Apart from being muggy and wet at this time there is a positive side to the rainy season. If you don't mind the weather, it's usually a cheaper time to get air tickets to Japan. Every cloud has a silver lining. Even if they are black rainy season clouds.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I wonder do you know if August is any better, say the last two weeks which may allow humidity to drop a bit?

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