Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trick Art Museum

If you are visiting Japan, one place I will definitely recommend is the Trick Art Museum. At the Museum, you can experience the excitement of trick art ("damashie" in Japanese), which creates the illusion that depicted objects really exist and make the two-dimensional paintings look as if they are three dimensional. You can position yourself in the right place and take a photo as if you are within the painting. For example, doesn't the photo above look as if the woman in the painting is pulling the girl's shirt?

At the Trick Art Museum, there are numerous trick art paintings, which include swimming with dolphins, falling from a cliff, getting eaten by a dragon, and coming out of a manhole. The paintings vary depending on which museum you go to. You can take pictures either alone or with someone else; just make sure you don't forget your camera! The trick is to take pictures a couple of times for each painting and later select which of them looks more realistic.

You can find Trick Art Museums all around Japan. The well-known place is the Takao Trick Art Museum located near Mount Takao west of Tokyo. If you have the chance, you should definitely go because you will definitely have an enjoyable and memorable time! Just bring along a playful spirit!

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