Saturday, July 3, 2010

B-kyu Gurume-Cheap, Fast, and Delicious!

Right now in Japan, “B-kyu gurume” (B-grade gourmet) is very popular among all age groups. B-kyu gurume refers to cheap and delicious comfort food, which are usually served home-style. B-kyu gurume restaurants have always been around, but it is recently that people became interested in them due to the recent economic downturn.

“B-kyu Gurume Festival” was held in Tsuyama, Okayama prefecture this year where 65,000 visitors came to try out these cheap and yummy foods. There were 54 B-grade dishes from all over Japan, which consisted of okonomiyaki, yakisoba, gyoza, and croquette. Among these dishes, Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) was extremely popular. Because of the large crowd, many people had to wait for 4 hours in order to try out the dishes!

Information on B-kyu gurume can be found all over the Internet as well as on gourmet magazines. There is also even a TV show on cheap and delicious foods known as the "Kitanachelin" which the dishes are rated by famous TV stars.

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