Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haneda Airport’s New International Terminal

From this month if you’re arriving to Japan (to Tokyo in this case), then there’s a chance that you may be arriving at Tokyo’s newly opened international terminal.

The new terminal is part of Haneda airport’s expansion program which began some six years ago. In addition to a new terminal, a new runway is currently under construction. When completed at the end of this year, Haneda airport will be able to handle over 400,000 take-offs and landings per year. It currently handles around 285,000.

An official opening ceremony for the new terminal was held last week. The grand opening revealed a unique feature; a shopping and viewing area called Edo Komichi, an area resembling a traditional Edo-era Japanese street-scape. Waiting travelers can also pass the time in a full range of duty-free stores restaurants.

The addition of a new international terminal and runway has been applauded by many frequent travelers in and out of Tokyo. Until now, international travelers have had to make the journey to Narita in neighboring Chiba prefecture which could take at least an hour from downtown Tokyo by express train.

Currently, international flights from Haneda go to Asia, Hawaii, North America, the United Kingdom and France. More slots are expected to be added soon.

Haneda airport is located in Tokyo Bay and is accessible by monorail or the Keikyu railway line. Both lines will take you into the heart of the city within thirty minutes.

To take a further view of the new terminal, check out this video!

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