Monday, September 14, 2009

Discovering the streets of Hiroshima

When in Hiroshima, unlike Tokyo and other cities in the Kanto area, a Romen-Densha (Street Car) is an important means for transportation. Today, I will introduce how you can use the street car effectively to enjoy a great day in Hiroshima!

The street car of Hiroshima will take you to practically any major area in Hiroshima. Fees are only JPY150 (JPY80 for children) regardless of how far you go! (Exception; when going farther than Hiroden Nishi Hiroshima Station, additional fees will be charged). Examples of places you can go using the street cars are the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima-guchi (front of the ferry port to Miyajima). Major shopping areas and office areas are linked with these street cars too so it is used by both tourists and citizens of Hiroshima. Each station is only a few hundred meters away, so although there are many stops, enjoying the different tastes of each station may well be entertaining.

During the Tokasan season is a great time to enjoy a nice ride on these street cars. Why? These cars will be filled with girls wearing Yukatas heading to the festival and it is truly a pleasant sight to see! (Tokasan is a festival celebrating the arrival of summer which is held in the central street).

A smart way of using the street cars is to buy a One Day Ticket. This ticket is JPY 600 and with one ticket, you can ride as many times as you want!! If you want to take time and wander around the interesting streets of Hiroshima, I truly recommend purchasing this ticket!!

Now, what are you waiting for? Take your ticket and enjoy touring Hiroshima!

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