Friday, September 11, 2009

mixi culture!

Hop on a train in Japan, and you will probably be astonished to see so many young people glaring into their mobile phone screens. What are they doing!? Of course, many people are probably replying to a text message, but there is one thing that young people are crazy about which requires your mobile phone. That "trend" is Mixi! Mixi is an SNS (Social Network Site) linking people around Japan! Simply saying, it is just like a Japanese version of facebook!

First of all, Mixi can only be used unless you are introduced from a different member of Mixi. (Initial registration without an introduction cannot be accepted.) After you have made your registration, it is time to add "my mixis" more often caled "mai-miku" You can search for your friends and enjoy the information that they share! Some examples of the unique functions you can enjoy on mixi are as follows.

Diary: This can be said is the major purpose of mixi. People write diaries on various topics and they can be commented by many people. You can change the setting so that any mixi user can comment on your diary, or you can make only your my-miku able to see your posting. It's sure fun to see your friends make funny comments on them!

Community: Once you become a member of mixi, you can join what is called a community. On mixi, there are ten-thousands of communities. They are groups with certain topics and people with the same ideas and favorites join to share information. For example, if you are a big NE-YO fan, you can join the NE-YO community and you will be able to share pictures and information (such as when and where he's having concerts etc.). Since those fans are so quick and informative, information can sometimes be obtained faster than the news!

Mixi News: This is something that many people find very useful on mixi! Just like many other search engines, mixi partners with various news providing companies and posts articles on their site. News in all genres ranging from domestic, sports, entertainment, politics, economy, international, IT technology, game/anime are offered! Checking Mixi News on your mobile phone will always keep its users up to date!!

Mixi Music: Although this can only be used from a computer, it is also is a very unique function exclusively on mixi. After downloading a software called "Mixi Station", if you play a song on your iTunes, the song list will automatically be formed on your page. From that, other mixi users can check your music favorites and communication can be made. Why not try and look for a new friend with similar interests?

These are some of the ways you can enjoy being a member and making full use of mixi! After you have grasped the idea of mixi, you will definitely why people become so addicted to it! It may seem as if everybody on the train with their mobile phone is doing mixi!!
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