Thursday, September 17, 2009


Have you ever heard of a theme park in a shopping mall!? Well, there is one in Ikebukuro called "NAMCO NAMJATOWN" run by the famous company Namco. This theme park is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Sunshine City. Not only are there attractions that you can enjoy riding, but it is also combined with a food theme park, so it can be enjoyed in many ways.

First, on the second floor, the Ikebukuro Gyoza (Dumplings) Stadium awaits. The whole floor is decorated in a way that replicates the Showa Era and as you may guess from the area's name, numerous dumpling shops are located. Since they are jam-packed in a small area, it is hard to decide which dumpling to try! Competitions on which store makes the most delicious dumplings is held periodically so you can sure taste great dumplings at all times! Like a food court, large tables are placed in the center, so you can try dumplings of more than one store too! Interesting dumplings with unique fillings can be tasted so go give it a try! Relaxation can be enjoyed on the second floor as well. This area of the theme park is called "Riraku (Relaxation) Forest" and massages of different countries in the world can be experienced. Why not enjoy a nice round of dumplings and relax yourself on this floor?

What do you want after a nice meal? Of course, desserts! There is the Ice Cream City and the Republic of Tokyo Desserts in the third floor!! Here you can enjoy various types of ice creams and desserts all in one place! For example, there are Turkish ice creams, Italian gelatos and Taiwanese slushes! If you are not full, go for more than ice cream and enjoy great food to the fullest!

Other than these food theme parks there are also attractions that you can ride and enjoy! Shooting games and haunted houses and treasure hunts can be enjoyed by children, families, couple and people of all ages! Fortune telling and souvenir shopping can also be enjoyed too.

Entrance fee to Namco Namjatown is 300 JPY (200 JPY for children aged 4 ~ elementary school students). A passport that allows you to enjoy all attractions is 3900 JPY and 3300 JPY for children (entrance fee included). Open from 10AM to 22PM throughout the year. Sunshine City is 8 minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station.

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