Monday, September 28, 2009

Local Area Specialties -Starbucks Tumbler-

Looking for a Japanese souvenir for a coffee-addict? If so, there is a perfect gift at Starbucks Coffee in Japan. In almost every prefecture you can purchase a Starbucks tumbler (or a mug) with design that made exclusively in that specific prefecture. In other words, it is a specialty tumbler! All of them are designed in a way that depicts that specific prefecture and is very cute and fashionable! I will briefly explain what the tumblers of some prefectures look like!

Tokyo: The city of Tokyo wrapped in neon-lights is printed with the Tokyo tower in the middle.

Saitama: A green tumbler with Saitama Stadium and building are illustrated.

Kanagawa: The city of Yokohama (Minatomirai district with the Landmark Tower, Intercontinental Hotel and a Ferris wheel) is illustrated.

Ibaraki: A tumbler pretty in pink! Depicts the famous Kairakuen (park) with cherry blossom illustrations.

Hokkaido (Sapporo): A blue tumbler with snowflake illustrations. The famous clock tower of Sapporo is illustrated in the center.

Sendai: A blue and green tumbler that depicts the Tanabata festival of Sendai. Cute fireworks are illustrated as well.

Shizuoka: Mt.Fuji and tea gardens are illustrated. Orange is the base color for oranges are their specialty product.

Nagoya: Famous for the Nagoya Castle's Shachihoko (golden fish), the tumbler's base color is yellow gold with blue and red shachihoko illustrations. Its gorgeousness depicts the city very much!

Kyoto: This is definitely the most popular and the most gorgeous among all the local tumblers! Kinkakuji and stone gardens are illustrated along with a maiko-san. It is very colorful with a gold base color.

Hiroshima: The Itsukushima Shrine of Miyajima Island is illustrated.

Although some local tumblers are so simple in design, they might not be as gorgeous as you expected. However, most of them uniquely portrait each prefecture with colors and designs. These will sure be great souvenirs not only for your friends back home but also for yourself! These can usually be purchased at large stations in each Prefecture. So, make sure to stop by a Starbucks in that station and go grab that tumbler!! You can definitely show it off to your friends back in your home!

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