Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fukuoka - Greatest in Kyushu -

All the way down in the Kyushu area, there is Fukuoka Prefecture, the most populous and the most active prefecture in Kyushu. In Fukuoka, there is Fukuoka City which is also famous for being one of the five biggest cities in Japan, along with Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo. Today, I will introduce to you two interesting places you can visit in Fukuoka.

The first place I recommend you to go is the Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome, better known as the Yahoo! Dome. This Dome is the home field to the baseball team, Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks. This dome is open for a large number of fans and can fit approximately 35,000 people for a baseball game. (It can contain more audiences when the arena space is opened!) It is known as the second dome-shaped baseball facility in Japan and is used for multiple purposes. It is famous for having the one and only dome that can open and close depending on the weather and the event. What is also interesting about this dome is not only the inside but also the outside. When you visit and take a walk around the dome, you will realize that there are numerous strange looking objects. Those objects are the three-dimensional handprints of famous people all over the world. There are handprints of not only famous baseball coaches but also legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Bon Jovi. There are also handprints of famous cartoonists, artists and athletes that have earned a place in history both in and outside of Japan. Why not find the hand of your favorite person and feel how it is like shaking hands with him/her!

Next place I recommend in Fukuoka is called Canal City HAKATA. Canal City HAKATA is a large complex facility that is located near Hakata Station which houses not only a shopping mall but also a cinema, a theater, two hotels, and some offices. As you can tell from its name, a canal also runs inside the facility and greenery fills the area. Fountain shows are held at the center stage and shows and performances also frequently take place. Because you can do so many things here in Canal City, there is no doubt that you can spend your whole day here! You can shop in the morning, enjoy a good meal at the ramen stadium, and at night, you can enjoy a show by the Gekidan Shiki (Four Seasons Theater Company) which holds their shows in the Fukuoka City Theater. These are all located in just one place! How convenient is that! Try visiting Canal City HAKATA and enjoy spending your time with your friends or your family!

These are only a handful of things that you can enjoy in Fukuoka! Fukuoka is also famous for having many delicious gourmets so trying those is also something you can enjoy!

Fukuoka is only about one hour and a half flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Why not spread your wings and trying stepping out into Kyushu!!

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