Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unique in Enoshima

Of course, the Enoshima Tenbodai is not the only place that is interesting in Enoshima. This time, I will introduce to you one interesting facility and also another recommended spot to visit in Enoshima.

The facility that I mentioned is called an "Eska" (pronounced "Eskah"). When visiting the Enoshima Tenbodai and other famous facilities in Enoshima, Eska will sure be great help. Why? Eska is an outdoor escalator! Since Enoshima is a mountain-like island, you must walk up many stairs to get to many areas of the island. For elderly and for children, that may sometimes be tough. Thus Eska is popular among those people. The Eska in Enoshima was first placed in 1959, and is the first outdoor escalator that was created in Japan. It has become an essential item to allow a wide range of people to enjoy the high areas of Enoshima as well. Usually, it will take 20 minutes by foot to get to the top, but Eska will reduce that to 4 minutes! How helpful!!
There are a total of three Eskas in Enoshima. They run from 9AM to 5PM on regular days and until 6:45PM on weekends, holidays, and summer breaks. JPY 350 (adults) is required to use all three Eskas (JPY 170 for children).

Once you get to the high points of Enoshima and reach the tip of the Island, you will arrive at the Enoshima Iwaya (Enoshima sea cavern). This sea cavern was created from erosions by waves and records have been found that people have entered this cave since the 1100's. For example, the famous Minamoto Yoritomo entered the cave during that era to wish himself and his army for victory. This sea cavern consists of two caves, one which is 52 meters in depth and another which is 112 meters in depth. You can enjoy the thrill when making your way into the cave with just one candle in your hand, which is given at the entrance. Stone Buddhist sculptures and other stone objects that are placed inside the cave give an inscrutable atmosphere as well.
Today, although many repairs have been made, the cave will sure mesmerize every visitor.
JPY 500 for adults and JPY 200 for children (elementary and middle school students) are required to enter.

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