Friday, September 4, 2009

Enjoying Enoshima! –Samuel Cocking Cemetery-

Enoshima is an island that is located at the edge of Kanagawa Prefecture. Though a small island that is connected to the mainland with only one bridge –Enoshima Ohashi-, it is a wonderful place for relaxation and enjoyment. Today, I will introduce you one area here in Enoshima that I definitely recommend you to visit.

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Cemetery
This is a cemetery located in Enoshima that was built by an Irish trader, Samuel Cocking in 1882. Today, there remain many different varieties of flowers and trees and has become a city-run cemetery enjoyed by many people around the area. What I also recommend in this cemetery is the Enoshima Tenbodai (Enoshima Observation Deck). This observation deck is located inside the cemetery and has a very unique appearance as seen on the picture above. After climbing it using an elevator, you will reach the deck where you can enjoy a 360 degree view from a height of 41.75 meters. The view from here, I can truly say is outstanding! On one side of the deck, you can see the wide view of the Sagami Bay that reaches out for miles. From a different side of the deck, you can see Mount Fuji in the distance on a beautiful sunny day. On another side of the deck, you can see the city of Odawara, Kamakura, Zushi and many more famous areas in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Enoshima Bridge, the beautiful and long coast and, the cities make a great balance and is a very enjoying view to see. An outdoor deck can be enjoyed as well.
Entrance to the cemetery is JPY 200 and entering the observation deck is JPY 300. Thus, you can enjoy two places in Enoshima just with one Japanese coin!! (You know there is a 500 yen coin, don’t you??)

Looking for relaxation and enjoyment? Why not enjoy the Samuel Cocking Cemetery in Enoshima on a nice summer day!

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