Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gotochi Kitty! – Hello Kitty All Over Japan!-

I bet most of you readers know the character, Hello Kitty. It is a cat mascot by Sanrio that has been loved by many people all over the world!!

Today, I will recommend you "Gotochi Kitty". Gotochi in Japanese means "Local" and Gotochi Kitty is Hello Kitty dressed up in traditional or symbolic styles that represent many areas of Japan. Usually there are about five or six different varieties of Gotochi Kitty for each prefecture of Japan. Most Gotochi Kittys are attached to pens or straps for mobile phones Here, I will introduce to you some of the Gotochi Kittys that you can purchase when you make your visit to several prefectures of Japan.

Here are some examples of what you can find…

Hokkaido Kitty – Lavender Kittys, ikura (cod roe) Kittys, soup curry Kittys, marimo (spherical moss) Kittys etc. (In just Hokkaido, there are approximately 20 different types of Gotochi Kittys.)

Kanto Gotchi Kitty – Tokyo Dome Kitty, Tsukiji Kitty, Tokyo Tower Kitty, Asakusa Kitty, Monja Kitty, Hato Bus Kitty, etc. (Tokyo). Yokohama Kitty, Chinatown Kitty, Yokosuka Kitty, shumai Kitty, etc. (Kanagawa).

Kansai Gotochi Kitty – Umeboshi (pickled plum) Kitty, Orange Kitty, etc. (Wakayama). Maiko Kitty, Yatsuhashi Kitty, Kiyomizu Shrine Kitty (Kyoto). Takoyaki Kitty, Dotonbori Kitty, Osaka Castle Kitty, Tsutenkaku Kitty, etc. (Osaka).

Okinawa Kitty – Hub (snake) Kitty, Kokusai Street Kitty, Eisa (Okinawa traditional dance) Kitty, Goya Kitty etc.

Hello Kitty would be either wearing a traditional outfit, or she would be wearing unique headdresses, like you see in the picture. Since all of them are so cute, it is extremely difficult to choose your favorite and which one to take home as a souvenir!

What's also interesting about these Gotochi Kitty is that once you start buying one, you can never leave a different place without going to a souvenir shop and purchasing the Gotochi Kitty of that area. It becomes a habit!! Making a collection of Gotochi Kitties will sure motivate you into travelling to many other areas in Japan and it will also allow you to remember all of the trips that you have made.

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