Thursday, December 17, 2009

UNIQLO [U-Need-CLOthes]

I need a nice shirt and I need a nice pair of pants, but the problem is I do not want to spend that much money on them! Then, there is only one place I should be heading to UNIQLO.

UNIQLO is a popular clothing shop in Japan where they sell casual clothes for people of all ages - and at a very low price! UNIQLO clothes are fairly simple. They usually do not have complex designs and are usually single colored. Recently however, more clothes with more elaborate designs are showing up on their racks. UNIQLO stores are available in other countries such as China, the United States, and the United Kingdom - but Japan still has the most stores and there are many items that you can choose from!

One item I truly recommend can only be affordably bought at UNIQLO. That is the traditional clothing of Japan, yukata. A yukata is a simple type of Kimono that is worn during the summer. Usually, when you go to a kimono shop, they will cost more than JPY10000. Depending on the fabric used and the pattern of the fabric, they may cost even more. However, at UNIQLO, you can buy a whole set of yukata (both for men and women) just for a price of JPY4990! Childrens' yukata can also be purchased for JPY2990. It comes with a yukata and an Obi (Kimono/Yukata belt). Also, geta (Sandals) can be purchased for just JPY1000. Thus, it is approximately half the price of the yukatas we are all used to seeing. UNIQLO yukatas are available in many different designs and colors and are extremely popular among people of all ages. What makes it more special is that they can also be washed in the laundry machine (unlike expensive yukatas) so people can wear it many times and on many occasions. It would be a great souvenir for friends back in home as well! The UNIQLO that is located at Narita Airport offers these items year-round so why don't you grab one when you are at the airport during your trip in Japan?

P.S. Also check out global uniqlo stores in your country!

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