Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~*Sakura*~ Part III continued

April is almost ending and cherry blossoms are starting to fall.
The last song I would like to introduce is a song called "Sakura" by Ketsumeishi, a perfect song for this season!

"Sakura" by Ketsumeishi is quick temp, not a ballad, and contains rap. The rap is very striking and straightforward, leaving an impact on the listener. The song is entirely based on the "encounter" and "parting" of two lovers, written in the man's perspective. The man is under the cherry blossom, reminiscing about the days he spent with his lover from the time they met to the time they go their separate ways. However, even now, she still remains in his heart, but there is nothing that he can do but think about her. He is still living in the past, not being able to move on.

Many listeners find that the lyrics hit close to home and whenever they listen to the song, it reminds them about their past love. This song is not necessarily telling people to move on, but rather sending a message that we don't have to force ourselves to forget the past, instead appreciate it as a component of who we are. Those memories can still live inside you because it can become a source of strength and comfort someday. Although those memories are painful to think about now, there will be a time when the pain subsides and becomes a pleasant memory to laugh and smile about.

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