Monday, April 12, 2010

~*Sakura*~ Part III

For today’s article, I would like to introduce some of the famous sakura songs (J-pop) in Japan!

“Sakura (Solo)” by Naotaro Moriyama is a song about parting and friendship. However, the song is not written in the perspective of someone who is parting, but it is written in the friend’s viewpoint where they are saying their good-byes to him and seeing him set off to his new journey. The tone of the song is sorrowful, but there is something in the words that is very powerful, fully embracing the emotions of good-byes. Even though they are taking their own different paths in life, their friendship is everlasting, promising to each other that they will meet again under the cherry blossom. Sakura in this song not only symbolizes farewell and journey, but also means hope and re-encounter. The message is that they will always be there connected and never alone.

“Sakura (Solo) has been sung at many school graduations for students to not forget the memories and people they spent their time with and to not be afraid of braving their new journey.

It's a wonderful song so I highly recommend you check the song out! :)

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